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Who I Am and What I Do

In 2019 my health took a drastic turn for the worse. Yet in reality this turn for the worse had been manifesting itself since 2010. The journey that I've been on for the past 12 years is what has now culminated into profound experience, deep knowledge and a crystal clear call to help women with their wellness and health transformations. I've worn many hats before finally allowing myself to become who I am today. I'm blessed with two daughters who not only taught me my biggest lessons but who, because of their very existence, have shown me what it means to be a woman, a mother, a energy worker. It is because of these beautiful souls that I gave myself permission to go back and honour a dream that I had as a young child. To help. To encourage. To hold space and unconditional love and presence for another. To be light and to channel energy. I am beyond blessed and I hope to share my work with you on your healing journey.

Natural herbal medicine selection with herbs and flowers in wooden bowls and loose, glass

Top Questions

Apothecary & Therapeutic Touch

When can I purchase your products from the Apothecary?

I am incredibly lucky to be able to sow, grow and harvest my own healing herbs and medicinal plants here in beautiful Ontario. I garden organically without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Harvest will begin end June 2022 and products like bath salts and body scrubs, teas and skin care products such as salves will be able to buy September 2022. All products are small batch and hand made. For ingredients that I cannot grow myself they will also be organic, preferably Canadian, and always from independent business owners like myself. I'm excited to begin!

What is Therapeutic Touch?

Also known as Therapeutic Touch this complementary healing modality is similar to Reiki in its concept of energy facilitating health and healing. Using different techniques and methods I lay hands on or just above a person and connect to their energy field. Using myself as an energy channel I guide universal energy to unblock, rebalance and centre that person. Each session is unique, completely tailored to your needs and deeply transformative. Every time I lay my hands and channel energy I am humbled by what occurs. I am deeply grateful to be able to help other women experience this powerful modality.

What is in the Individualized Nutrition Package?

First it is tailored specifically to your personal nutritional health goals and no package is the same. But there are some fundamentals like education packages, workbooks, a tour of your health food & favourite grocery store, an assessment of your fridge/pantry, family eating habits, and personalised recipes. I'm honest but not judgemental I promise!

“Treat the cause not the effect”

Dr. Edward Bach

Natural Herbs

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