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Holistic Therapies, The Salty Witch Studio (Herbal Apothecary) &  Medicinal Teaching Gardens

What do I offer?

Welcome to Salt Spring Island friend! While you're visiting our beautiful island please come and say hi! Stay a while and visit the self-guided medicinal gardens, stay longer and book a treatment, or make like an islander and join me for my on-going local events throughout the year!

Natural herbal medicine selection with herbs and flowers in wooden bowls and loose, glass

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Want to know more about the Teaching Gardens, The Salty Witch Studio or Therapeutic Touch? Scroll down!

What are the "Teaching Gardens?"

Starting end of May (weather permitting) I will be opening up purpose built teaching gardens to help you learn about and explore different kinds of herbs and medicinal plants. Depending on what is seasonally available, I will be offering make your own herbal products, free self guided tours of the garden, and herbal teas while you wander the stone labyrinth. Come say hi!

What is Therapeutic Touch?

Therapeutic Touch is a gentle, complementary healing modality that is similar to Reiki in its concept of energy facilitating health and healing. Using different techniques and methods I lay hands just above a person and connect to their energy field. Using myself as an energy channel I guide universal energy to unblock, re-balance and centre that person. Each session is unique, completely tailored to your needs and deeply transformative. Every time I channel energy I am humbled by what occurs it is such a unique and wonderful therapy. This is a gentle modality and usually lasts no longer than 30 minutes. You are more than welcome to linger in the gardens after your treatment depending on the season.

What is The Salty Witch Studio?

Starting May 20th 2024, The Salty Witch Studio will be participating in the Salt Spring Studio Tour! This tour is a specially curated group of the best of what the island has to offer be it food, world-class craftsmanship or unique experiences. The Studio makes it possible to watch artists while they work, sample delicious produce and even try your hand at a craft!

At The Salty Witch Studio we have the Teaching Gardens, the stone meditative Labyrinth the Studio Shop and my favourite workshops and impromptu herbal lessons all seasonally crafted and curated.

“Treat the cause not the effect”

Dr. Edward Bach

Natural Herbs

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