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About Valerie Louvet

My Journey

In 2019 my health took a drastic turn for the worse. Yet in reality this turn for the worse had been manifesting itself since 2010. The journey that I've been on for the past 12 years is what has now culminated into profound experience, deep knowledge and a crystal clear call to help women with their wellness and health transformations. I've worn many hats before finally allowing myself to become who I am today. I'm blessed with two daughters who not only taught me my biggest lessons but who, because of their very existence, have shown me what it means to be a woman, a mother, a energy worker. It is because of these beautiful souls that I gave myself permission to go back and honour a dream that I had as a young child. To help. To encourage. To hold space and unconditional love and presence for another. To be light and to channel energy. I am beyond blessed and I hope to share my work with you on your healing journey.

My clinic is located in Ganges on beautiful Salt Spring Island, B.C.

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