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Top Questions

I've booked a Healing Touch/ Therapeutic Touch or Reiki session. What happens next?

As soon as you've booked your session I send out a health history form. It is really important that you fill it out as honestly and fully as possible. Not every question will apply to your situation or you might find that you need to write lots and lots about something. That's ok! The more I know about you, your overall health, your health issues, and your health past the deeper we can go!

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

I have two treatment areas. One where you are reclined or lying down (massage/therapeutic table) and the other in a reclining, heated, massage chair. Both are surrounded by plants, nature sounds, and big open windows letting lots of natural light in. My clinic is located in Ganges, Salt Spring Island, B.C.

Come as you are. Dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable and happy. Typically I wear scrubs for ease of movement and hygiene. Of course, I wear PPE at all times, I am fully vaccinated and follow all PHAC and CDC health guidelines.

What should I expect from my first session?

Each session is unique and tailored to your individual and current needs. A fundamental principle of energy medicine is that the energy I channel will work to your greatest good or need. I often incorporate other healing modalities that will support your holistic health session such as meditation stones, chakra/singing bowls as well as aromatherapy.

A few techniques will always be present in each session as they help to ground, clear and restore your energy field.

Do you help treat chronic/terminal illness?

This is a question I hear a lot. I absolutely support and facilitate energy medicine for chronic illness. Especially for helping with the symptoms of pain and anxiety which often go hand in hand with these illnesses.

Terminal illness is very different. It's on the same level as hospice/palliative care. If the client is still able to come to my clinic then I help to facilitate the energy balances that help to support and maintain a patients wellbeing as they journey through this highly sensitive and emotional time. If the patient is receiving end of life care in their home please contact me either by phone or email and I will come out to them at no extra charge for travel time. I bring with me my bowls, stones and aromatherapy tools. Helping those who are on this journey is first and foremost a privilege and incredibly humbling and rewarding but it is also a time for great sensitivity and support.

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