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Magical Workings - Rose

Magical Workings - Rose

One of my most popular, favourite herbs! There is nothing else that compares to the power of the Rose when dealing with the workings of the heart, love, self-love, self-acceptance and ensuring a good and healthy ending to things. When workig with Rose magically use in teas, baths, sprinkle on buring incense to see clear and true for Rose has strong divination properties.


Rose is associated with Venus (Root and Heart Chakra) and is under the elemental workings of Water. It is a divine Feminine herbal medicine.


Rosa is calming, soothing slightly sedative, anti-inflammatory and anti-sceptic when used topically.


These rose petals come from a variety of my favortie, non-gmo, organic certified roses 100% Canadian grafted and rooted.




Grown on beautiful, sunny Salt Spring Island in British Columbia without pesticides or sprays of any kind and in 100% organic soil.


All herbs are loosely packed and must not be consumed or used without first consulting with a medical practitioner. The Salty Witch is not responsible for how you decide to use the herb, its interactions and effects and never gives out medical advice, diagnosis or recommendations. Buyer assumes all risk. All sales of loose leaf herbs are shipped only within Canada, are final and cannot be refunded or exchanged.

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