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The Full Story

The Salty Witch

"Tucked away down a little road, go around a brown house, and there you will see a little shed at the end of a drive. But don't let its humble appearance fool you for inside are herbal, healing treasures to be found! All grown and hand-made by my mom The Salty Witch!" 

-- Izzy, aged 11, apprentice horticulturalist --


In June 2023, The Salty Witch Studio was created out of necessity; I couldn't find retail space in town when we moved here, so instead I created my own! As a certified Community Herbalist* I have always been passionate about the magical, healing, health promoting properties of herbs and plants since I was little. I can remember taking my first steps down this path at 8 years old when I crafted my first herbal "concoction" a Rose flower Essence! Magic!

Today I grow all my own herbs and medicinal plants in my no-spray garden and then pick, process and make the products mere meters from the garden in my studio.



My Teaching Gardens are my pride and joy! Come linger in them using the self-guided tour, enjoy the meditative stone labyrinth while sipping some tea. Come back to enjoy treatments or private one on one herbal teaching and product making!

Are you a local to Salt Spring? Come say hi! Throughout the year I create and offer special, for locals only, events and gatherings.

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