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Cottonwood Balm

Cottonwood Balm

Cottonwood balm is made by harevesting Cottonwood buds in late winter and early spring when the resin starts running. Used for thousands of years by indigenous peoples across North America, the buds contain salicin which is the same compound used in asprin. This fever and pain reducing property makes it indispensable during the winter when arthritis and other inflammatory issues become worse as well as having soothing and healing qualities that allow it to be an excellent eczema and psoriasis balm.


This bad boy weighs in at 8oz of product! This balm will last you a long time and is an absolute dream to apply or work with. I use this balm daily in my clinical reflexology practice.




100% pure cosmetic grade Ontario beeswax

100% pure organic cold pressed Olive Oil

Cottonwood buds


The tin can be washed by hand and reused or recycled.

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